2013 - 2014 Team

The Team

  • President: Jagan Srinivasaraghavan
  • Vice President: Vijay Ilavarasan
  • Secretary: Karthik Rishi
  • Treasurer and Web master: Manivanan Janardhanan
  • Public Relations: Kirubhakaran Kaliannan
  • Cultural Coordinators: Subha Singaram, Divya Balachandran, Deepa Sarangapani, Monisha Gnanasundaram
  • Event Coordinators: Murali Balan, Ajoy Naveen, Raj Govindarajan

Jagan Srinivasaraghavan currently serves as the President of present committee and together with Mani has been a guiding force behind GPTM offline events that are happening this year. Jagan and family have been active in the community activities since 2005. His hobbies include music, sports, drama and dance among others. Jagan works for Intel as a Process Engineer and lives in Bethany area with his wife, Sangeetha and two daughters, Aditi and Stuti


Vijay Ilavarasan is the Vice President of the present 2013-2014committee. Vijay has been a regular in the past GPTM events helping with event management. Vijay works as a Program Manager developing Digital Analytics and Marketing applications at Webtrends in Portland downtown. Apart from being a Tamil film buff, he enjoys various forms of creative arts. He lives in the Bethany area with wife Deepika and his children Anush and Shyla.

Karthik Rishi currently serves as the Secretary of GPTM. Karthik and family have been active participants in many yesteryear GPTM committees. Karthik is an ardent basketball fan, gadget enthusiast and passionate about India and Intel (his employer, where he works as a SW architect with the SoC group). He loves to spend his spare time with his wife Madhura, daughter Pranaya and his new born son Pradyuun


Manivanan Janardhanan (Mani) currently serves as a web-master and treasurer for GPTM committee. Continuing on the work of previous committee, Mani has been instrumental in setting up payment system that makes GPTM ticket and membership purchases a breeze. Mani works for Intel as an engineering manager and lives in Hillsboro with his wife Deepa, and sons Nandu and Adithya. His hobbies include writing poetry, classical music, reading and volunteering


Kirubakaran Kaliannan (Kiru) currently serves as a Personal Relationship coordinator of the GPTM 2012-2013 committee. Kiru lives with his family in Beaverton and has been an avid supporter of GPTM since its inception in 2003. A software engineer by profession, Kiru enjoys playing chess and conducts chess camps for kids in his free time. Kiru loves to volunteer in his spare time and served as the vice president of GPTM 2011-2012 committee

Subha Singaram, a project manager at IBM, serves as one of the Cultural Secretaries of GPTM 2013-14 committee. She has a passion for art and culture. She teaches Indian classical dance during the weekends to the neighborhood kids. She has actively participated in the GPTM local talent shows every year since its inception. Subha is a lively energetic person who likes to socialize and spend time with friends and help the community.

Divya Balachandran is a professor in Business at Clark College. She serves as one of the cultural secretaries for GPTM. She is also a carnatic vocalist who loves to teach music in her spare time. She lives in Bethany with her two girls (Mayukha and Laya) and husband Mouli. Divya is loves to spend time in the park during summer and her favorite past time is to play with the neighborhood kids.


Deepa Sarangapani, one of the cultural secretaries of GPTM, is a busy full-time volunteer involved in numerous activities in the community and school. She loves to be involved in her children's activities, cook, read, write poetry, creative projects, hike and run. She recently ran her first marathon and looks forward to many more. She lives in Tualatin, OR with her husband, two daughters and their puppy.


Monisha Gnanasundaram serves as one of the cultural secretaries of GPTM 2013-14 committee. She lives with her family in Bethany and works as an engineer at IBM. Monisha loves coordinating events and is an active volunteer in several neighbourhood events.


Murali Balan, structural engineer with McMillen, LLC, currently serves as event coordinator of the GPTM committee. Prior to moving into Portland earlier this year, Murali has done event coordination for other non-profits in the US. Murali manages facility and equipment rental aspects of event coordination. Murali lives in Hillsboro with his wife Avantika. His interests include travelling, playing soccer & training for contact sports


Ajoy Navin Chakrapani is one of the event coordinators for GPTM committee. Ajoy has been actively involved in the GPTM initiative and activities in the past and has served as the event coordinator in the 2011-2012 committee as well. A CAD engineer by profession working at Intel, Ajoy has been involved in various community and volunteering activities on his own. Ajoy has a great passion for robotics and embedded systems and has been serving as a the technical panel head judge for Intel robotics tournaments (JFLL, FLL, FTC etc.) for last 4 years. His other hobbies and interests include music, dance, food, travel and volunteering.


Rajkumar Govindarajan (Raj) is one of the members of GPTM committee and serves as one of the event coordination team. Raj along with Ajoy takes care of print media and catering requirements of event management. Raj just moved to the Portland area and works for Intel as a process engineer. Raj enjoys cooking, playing tennis, cricket and driving

Board of Directors


Swa Gandhinathan (Gandhi), is a Director, co-founder and life time member of GPTM. Gandhi with his wife Seetha and children Suganya & Siddharth have been an integral part of GPTM since its inception. Gandhi’s family has volunteered, mentored and nurtured the GPTM’s growth to its present status. When vacationing Gandhi and Seetha love going on cruises. Gandhi works for Wells Fargo Bank - Wells Fargo has been the major sponsor of GPTM for several years since 2003


Gidu Sriram is a director of the GPTM organization and together with Gandhi has been a guiding force for every GPTM committee that has donned office. Sriram is passionate about all forms of fine arts and has been an avid supporter of many cultural forums that exist in Portland today.