2019 - 2020 Executive Team

Ananthan Ayyasamy

Ananthan Ayyasamy served as President of GPTM 2019-20 committee. A Realtor and Project Manager by profession, Ananthan has special interests in Tamil history, culture, agriculture, socio economic development and politics. Ananthan, his wife Regina and kids Adhithya and Asmitha live in the Bethany area. They love to explore everything life presents and connect with friends when time permits!served


​Rakesh Rajagopal is the Vice President of the present 2019-2020 GPTM committee. He works at Nike Inc. An avid runner and loves outdoor activities. He lives in the North Bethany area with his wife Subha & daughters Harshitha & Navya.​


​Saravana Sevugapandian comes from a rural village Muhavoor in Tamilnadu, India. Presently, he lives in North Bethany with his wife Uma and two children Rudran and Aadhini. As a son of a farmer, Saravana has special interest in Organic Farming. Saravana enjoys spending time with his family, reading books on sociology, world history, politics, volunteering, and practicing and coaching traditional Tamil martial art, Silambam. He is thrilled to be part of GPTM and looking forward to serve the organization and community as Secretary this year!

Shiva Doreswamy

Shiva Doreswamy is very excited to continue his 2nd year with the GPTM committee, as a Treasurer this year. He lives in North Bethany area, along with his wife Viji and two boys, Vrishank and Shreyank. He enjoys taking part in social events and love to take pictures! He works for NWEA in downtown Portland and is very passionate about kids education.​

Muthaiya Rajagopalan

Muthaiya Rajagopalan is an enthusiastic, energetic and cheerful friend. He is full of passion for everything he does. He loves GPTM community and wants to serve the members. He works as Lead Consultant for Eagle Creek Software Services. He, his wife Chitra and kids - Sahana and Tanmaya live at Bethany.

Santhosh Kumar Rajendran

Santhosh Kumar Rajendran hails from the industrial town Hosur (TN) and works at McAfee. When he isn't working, he loves to spend time outdoors playing sports, volunteering for NGOs such as the Oregon Food Bank, Habitat for Humanity, and many more around the Portland metro area. Santhosh is a polyglot who speaks at least 8 languages and has interests in art, culture, history, travel, philosophy, photography, and philanthropy. He is married to Asha and lives in the Bethany area. He served as the Secretary of GPTM 2018-2019 committee.​


Priya Murali is a member of the GPTM 2019-20 committee. She is an active volunteer in many non-profit organizations including GPTM. Priya has great interest in Tamil literature and culture. She loves celebrating Tamil festivals with family and friends.​


Manivanan Janardhanan(Mani) currently serves as a technology co-ordinator for GPTM committee. Continuing on the work of previous committee, Mani has been instrumental in setting up payment system that makes GPTM ticket and membership purchases a breeze. Mani works for Intel as an engineering manager and lives in Hillsboro with his wife Deepa, and sons Nandu and Adithya. His hobbies include writing poetry, classical music, reading and volunteering.​


Augustin Jeyakumar has been living in Portland for 14 years, is married to Padma, with two daughters Anusha and Reshma. He and his wife both hail originally from Madurai. He works at Intel and enjoys running, soccer, and loves to learn about history.​


Divya is excited to be part of the committee. She works for Intel and lives with her husband Anjan in Bethany. Divya has keen interest in Tamil literature and history. She is an exponent of Indian classical music, is an avid reader who dabbles in glass painting.​


Hemamalini has been living in Portland Oregon more than 13 years , with a beautiful family and two kids Anirudh & Ananyaa. She is very much active in volunteering for organizations like food bank , and nonprofit organizations and very much involved in schools volunteering for teaching special aid kids. She is a program coordinator in JHTCC and working as a medical translator for 4 languages. Interested in Tamizh literature. Her favorite hobbies are writing Tamizh kids articles and stories and Tamizh poems, Compering for events and shows And Tamizh talk shows.​


Jeyasekar Marimuthu hails from southern part of Tamilnadu Pattiveeranpatti. He works at McAfee. He is quite passionate about composing music and contributing to technology. His other interests include marathon runs, mentoring musical talents and photography. He is happy to assist GPTM in the areas of his strengths. He lives in Bethany with his wife Sathya and daughters Mahathi and Smrithi.​


Venkatesan Muthu is one of the executive members in the GPTM 2019-20 committee. He works at Intel. He is living in Portland since 2008 along with his wife Sangeetha and his two sons Nithin & Nivesh.​


Anand Govindaswamy is one of the executive member in the 2018-2019 committee. He has been living in Portland since 2003 and works for Moda Healthcare. He’s married to Praveena and has a son, Arav (7 years old). He is always passionate about volunteering and would like to support GPTM in various activities. My hobbies are playing cricket, golf, hiking and tennis.​

Meena Mohan

Meena Mohan is the "Secretary of New Initiatives and Youth Affairs" of 2019-2020 Committee. Meena was born and bred at Chennai, India. Works at Nike as Software Engineer. Lived in East coast and Gulf coast areas of US and moved to Portland 11 years back. Now lives in North Bethany area with her Husband Mohan, lovely kids Mohit and Mahathi. Meena enjoys volunteering in non-profit organizations & Schools and believes in giving back to the community. Meena has special interests in Tamil culture, Technology, Cooking, Kids education and improvement, Friends, Traveling.​


Hariharan MeenakshiSundaram (Hari MS) is a member of GPTM committee. Sr. Tech. program manager by profession. Hari has interest in learning & contributing to Tamizh community - special interests in ancient Tamizh literature, spiritual, yoga, silambam (leading volunteer based "PDX Silambam"), Thirukkural-drama, Parai and pattimandram speaker. Hari, his wife Deepa, kids Lokesh and Lingesh live in Bethany area.​

Kumaran A E

Kumaran A E lives in Portland from 2016 with his family (Wife : Lavanya, and two daughters - Adhithi Shree and Gobhika Shree). He and Lavanya are conducting weekend tamil classes for kids to teach them our culture and language skills.


Karthick Anandan is very excited to join the GPTM committee this year and looks forward to assist in his areas of strength:cultural programs affiliates with tamil heritage and connection. He lives in Bethany Village, along with his wife Kavitha, gifted with son Tharun and daughter Shivanya. He is originally from Cuddalore and been living in Portland,Working in Nike for the last 4 years. He enjoys taking part & leading the social events.​


Sindhu is excited to be a part of Gptm, is wife of Sylace Srinivasan and mother of Sid 19, Shruthi 7 and Sammy (2 Fur baby). Lives in Tigard from 2010. Works for Kaiser. Passion in dancing, choreography, volunteering and love to Organize parties.​

Vijayan Nagarajan

Vijayan Nagarajan is from Coimbatore, India. Working in Altran. Living in Portland with my Wife Ambika and kid Arthika. I enjoy playing badminton, Hiking, reading books, traveling, exploring new places and like connecting with friends. I have an interest in volunteering for social events.​


Gomathi lives in Bethany with her husband Ram and kids Aditi and Anant. Has been contributing to gptm in cultural events by her group performances and choreography for other group dances too.​


Anupa was born in Chennai. Did schooling in Chennai and college in Bangalore. It's been 4 yrs since she moved to Portland. She lives in Bethany with her husband and 2 handsome boys. Loves to talk, has a lot of friends around. Dancing is something she loves to do. She choreographed dances for Indian Association back in Tallahassee, Florida.​


Gokul is a member of the 2019-20 committee. He lives in Portland with his wife Deepa & kids Sudarshan and Mukundhan.​

Venkataramanan Sekar (Venkat)

Venkataramanan Sekar (Venkat) is a member of the 2019-20 committee. Venkat is from mango/steel city Salem, Tamilnadu, India and works at Infosys. He lives in Hillsboro since 2016 with his wife Sasikala and daughter Venmathi(5).​

Board of Directors​


Mohan Rajendran served as a President of 2018-19 Committee. Mohan loves to participate in various community service activities. He is passionate about movies and interested in politics, tamil culture and travel. Mohan works at Nike and lives in Bethany with his wife Meena and kids Mohit(12) & Mahathi(7).​


Ajoy Navin Chakrapani served as the President of the 2017-18 GPTM committee. He has been serving the committee since 2009 & is grateful & excited to serve as the President in the current term along with the talented team. A CAD engineer by profession working at Intel, Ajoy has been involved in various community and volunteering activities on his own. Ajoy has a great passion for robotics and music. He along with his wife Suganya enjoy travelling and exploring new places.​


Ashok Aravamudhan served as the President of the 2016-17 GPTM committee. He served as the Treasurer in the 2015-16 committee. He currently works at NVIDIA as a chip designer. Ashok and his wife Aishwarya have been active participants in many of the Tamil Mandram cultural programs. Ashok is an avid music lover. He also enjoys exploring the beautiful Pacific Northwest along with his wife & their precious little 7 year old daughter Akshara.

Honorary Board of Directors


Swa Gandhinathan (Gandhi), is a Director, co-founder and life time member of GPTM. Gandhi with his wife Seetha and children Suganya & Siddharth have been an integral part of GPTM since its inception. Gandhi’s family has volunteered, mentored and nurtured the GPTM’s growth to its present status. When vacationing Gandhi and Seetha love going on cruises. Gandhi works for Wells Fargo Bank - Wells Fargo has been the major sponsor of GPTM for several years since 2003.​


Gidu Sriram is a director of the GPTM organization and together with Gandhi has been a guiding force for every GPTM committee that has donned office. Sriram is passionate about all forms of fine arts and has been an avid supporter of many cultural forums that exist in Portland today.​