Welcome to 2017-2018 GPTM Season

"Thank you Patrons, Sponsors, Donors and Volunteers !! "

On behalf of GPTM 2017-2018 committee we would like to thank everyone for a fantastic 2017-2018! Below are the highlights of this year. 

" Register today to sing with Vijay Prakash ! "

" GPTM 15th year Celebrations "

"Pongal Thiruvizha 2018 - A true Tamil cultural celebration"

On behalf of GPTM 2017-2018 committee we would like to thank everyone for making Pongal Thiruvizha 2018 a very 

grand success ! 

Highlights of Pongal thiruvizha 2018

Pongal Thiruvizha 2018

"The festival begins.."

"Deepavali Kondattam 2017 - A Grand Celebration of local talents"

On behalf of GPTM 2017-2018 committee we would like to thank everyone for making Deepavali Kondattam 2017 a very grand success ! 

"Variety performance"

The stage is yours

Whether you’re a professional, part of a team or just a bunch of cultural enthusiast .. we have this event for you !! so come and showcase what you or your team has got to entertain us.

"Offline events"

for the informals

*** Last date for sending your entries: September 30th 2017 ***

We, at GPTM believe that participating in the offline events is a way of reinventing yourself. A passion for our culture and a flair for participating is all you need to experience this extravaganza. Acting, drawing, photography, dance and short films: what ever is your forte: join in for the action. Come and express the creative side of yourself !!


“Thanks for the overwhelming response. Registration is closed!”

"Singer hunt for GPTM Band"

A huge “Thank you” to everyone who joined our Venil Vizha 2017 and made the event a grand success !

Thanks to our photography volunteers for capturing the magic moments of VV17.Check them out below.

Pictures by Hariharan Subramanian
Pictures by Ravi Velayutham
Pictures by Sarathy Jayakumar

Summer Event - Venil Vizha 2017

GPTM is excited to showcase the musical talent of our community by introducing a dedicated full-fledged band with a blend of youth and adult.

Thanks for the overwhelming response. Registrations is closed now!

VV17 - Tournaments

GPTM Second Annual Volleyball & Throwball Championship Tournament

GPTM thanks all its members for the support and participation in the Volleyball and Throwball Championship tournament. The GPTM championship game for Volleyball and Throwball will be held on August 26th 2017 during our Venil Vizha 2017 celeberations. Please come and support your teams.

Championship Games - August 26th 2017 @ PCC Rock Creek grounds

GPTM Adopt-a-road program

Summer Hike Event