2016 - 2017 Team

The Team

  • President: Ashok Aravamudhan
  • Vice President: Muthaiya Rajagopalan
  • Secretary: Rakesh Rajagopal
  • Treasurer: Deepak Selvanathan
  • Cultural Coordinators: Booma Murali, Ananthan Ayyasamy, Pavithra Vijay
  • Facility Coordinators: Murali Balan, Rajkumar Govindarajan, Augustin Jeyakumar
  • Technology Coordinators: Mani Janardhanan, Sathish Sanjeevi
  • AV Coordinators: Gokul Gopalasamy, Ajoy Chakrapani
  • Event Coordinators: Sivajini Sanjeepan, Priya Murali

Ashok Aravamudhan serves as the President of the 2016-17 GPTM committee. He served as the Treasurer in the 2015-16 committee & is grateful & excited to serve as the President in the current term along with the wonderful team. He currently works at NVIDIA as a chip designer. Ashok and his wife Aishwarya have been active participants in many of the Tamil Mandram cultural programs. Ashok is an avid music lover. He also enjoys exploring the beautiful Pacific Northwest along with his wife & their precious little 7 year old daughter Akshara.

Muthaiya Rajagopalan

Muthaiya Rajagopalan serves as the Vice President of the 2016-17 GPTM committee. He is an enthusiastic, energetic and cheerful friend. He is full of passion for everything he does. He loves GPTM community and wants to serve the members. He works as Lead Consultant for Eagle Creek Software Services. He, his wife Chitra and kids - Sahana and Tanmaya live at Bethany.


Rakesh Rajagopal is the Secretary of the present 2016-2017 GPTM committee and serves as one of cultural lead. He works as a Sr. Linux Engineer at Nike Inc. An avid runner and loves outdoor activities. He lives in the North Bethany area with his wife Subha & daughters Harshitha & Navya.


Deepak Selvanathan is serving as the treasurer of the 2016-17 GPTM committee and has been a member of GPTM from 2004 when he moved to Portland to start his career at Intel. He, along with his wife, Devi and sons Nitham and Gautham are active participants in GPTM events and love to be a part of the growing tamil diaspora of Portland. He is an avid tennis player and enjoys coaching kids to play tennis.


Booma Murali has been a member of GPTM for many years. She loves all forms of dances and is excited to be the cultural co-lead for GPTM committee. Booma works for Intel and she enjoys volunteering in her childrens schools and other non-profit organizations. she runs a support group for Indian families that have children with special needs . Booma served as the Chair Person for BSA Troop 204 (2013-15) and had organized many outdoor events for scouts and their families. She lives in Sexton Mountain neighborhood with her husband Murali and children Nishanth and Priyanka.

Ananthan Ayyasamy

Ananthan Ayyasamy is a member of GPTM cultural and facility committees. A silicon architect and project manager by profession, Ananthan has special interests in Tamil history, culture, agriculture, socio economic development and politics. Ananthan, his wife Regina and kids Adhithya and Asmitha live in the Bethany area. They love to explore everything life presents and connect with friends when time permits.


Murali Balan has been part of the GPTM committee since 2012. His focus has been mainly around facilities/food and is excited to be part of an purposeful organization which sets new levels every year. He works as a structural engineer with Mcmillen Jacobs Associates. Murali manages a soccer team in the Hillsboro soccer league & activily trains in combat sports (Muay Thai). He lives in North Bethany with his wife Avantika & son Agastya.


Rajkumar Govindarajan (Raj) has been part of the GPTM committee consecutively since 2012, serving as one of the event co-ordination leads. He has been a key player in event management and facilities support. Raj works for Intel as a process engineer. He lives in Hillsboro along with his wife Dharani and precious little daughter Navira. Raj and Dharani have also been involved in various community and volunteering activities on their own. Raj enjoys cooking, driving, playing tennis and cricket.


Augustin Jeyakumar has been living in Portland for 11 years, is married to Padma, with two daughters Anusha (7) and Reshma (5). He and his wife both hail originally from Madurai. He works at Intel and enjoys running, soccer, and loves to learn about history.


Manivanan Janardhanan (Mani) currently serves as a technology co-ordinator for GPTM committee. Continuing on the work of previous committee, Mani has been instrumental in setting up payment system that makes GPTM ticket and membership purchases a breeze. Mani works for Intel as an engineering manager and lives in Hillsboro with his wife Deepa, and sons Nandu and Adithya. His hobbies include writing poetry, classical music, reading and volunteering


Sathish Kumar Sanjeevi is a member of GPTM committee and serves as one of the technology leads and event co-ordinator. He works at Nike Inc. as a Lead Android Engineer. He likes to hike and range mountains. He lives in North Bethany with his wife Raji and kids Nivedha and Pranav.


Ajoy Navin Chakrapani is one of the Audio/video coordinators for GPTM committee. Ajoy has been actively involved in the GPTM initiative and activities in the past and has served as the event coordinator in the 2011-2012 committee as well. A CAD engineer by profession working at Intel, Ajoy has been involved in various community and volunteering activities on his own. Ajoy has a great passion for robotics and embedded systems and has been serving as a the technical panel head judge for Intel robotics tournaments (JFLL, FLL, FTC etc.) for last 4 years. His other hobbies and interests include music, dance, food, travel and volunteering.


Sivagini Sanjeepan serves as one of the event coordinators for the current GPTM session. Sivagini is from Sri Lanka. She currently works at Intel. Sivagini has been an active participant of local Sri Lankan Tamil cultural events. She enjoys the art forms that represent the rich culture - be it music, dance or paintings. Sivagini lives in Hillsboro with her husband Sanjeepan. She is a proud parent of two beautiful kids Anjali and Varunan.


Pavithra Vijay is a member of GPTM cultural and decorations committee. She loves to be a part of GPTM and contribute to the organizations growth. She works at Intel. Pavithra and her husband Vijay Gopalswamy are from coimbatore. They have two daughters yalini - 9 and Neha - 6


Priya Murali has been living in Tigard since 2009 with her husband Murali and son Kannan. She is an active volunteer in many non-profit organizations including GPTM. Priya has great interest in Tamil literature and culture. She loves celebrating Tamil festivals with family and friends.

Board of Directors​


Ravi Velayutham served as the President of 2015-16 GPTM committee. Ravi enjoys doing volunteer work and believes in giving back to the community. Ravi works for WebMD as an IT Infrastruture Architect. Ravi lives in Camas (WA) with his wife Lalitha Veerappan and kids Neha & Pranay.


Vijay Ilavarasan is a very active patron of GPTM who served multiple years on the committee since 2010 and played a key role in developing GPTM's reach and digital infrastructure. He was the President of the 2014-2015 committee and currently serves as one of the Directors on the Board. Vijay is very passionate about creating great cultural experiences that brings the community together.


Jagan Srinivasaraghavan served as the President of the 2013-2014 committee. Jagan and family have been active in the community activities since 2005. His hobbies include music, sports, drama and dance among others. Jagan works for Intel as a Process Engineer and lives in Bethany area with his wife, Sangeetha and two daughters, Aditi and Stuti

Honorary Board of Directors​​​


Swa Gandhinathan (Gandhi), is a Director, co-founder and life time member of GPTM. Gandhi with his wife Seetha and children Suganya & Siddharth have been an integral part of GPTM since its inception. Gandhi’s family has volunteered, mentored and nurtured the GPTM’s growth to its present status. When vacationing Gandhi and Seetha love going on cruises. Gandhi works for Wells Fargo Bank - Wells Fargo has been the major sponsor of GPTM for several years since 2003


Gidu Sriram is a director of the GPTM organization and together with Gandhi has been a guiding force for every GPTM committee that has donned office. Sriram is passionate about all forms of fine arts and has been an avid supporter of many cultural forums that exist in Portland today.